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Vaula Vaula is one of the oldest and most famous Italian brand especially in the billiard cues field, especially in the U.S. . It was born in Turin before WW-II and it was specialised in the house cues production: in the sixties the brand and the technologies were acquired by Longoni cue company.
Starting from 2010 the brand Vaula has been used to introduce a new range of cues with a modern look suitable for the 3 disciplines of the Longoni world: pool, carom and 5-pins. The common feature of these disciplines is the Longoni technology like the VP2 steel joint and, concerning the new collection Quantum, also the famous weight and balance system Vibraless 10 by Longoni.
Thanks to the knowledges of the Longoni team, these tools have been developed in order to get a great playability with the possibility of matching with the last generation of Longoni shafts: Stratos wood shafts for the carom and pool cues or composite fiber shafts for the 5-pins ones.
The range includes several numbers of models with a wide range of prices, grips and types.
All models are also approved for the official tournaments of the Italian billiard federation, Fibis.
In addition to the cues, the Longoni team keeps developing specific accessories for the billiard game, Vaula branded and accessible to everybody.

The original Vaula cues and the accessories can be purchased by our official Longoni dealers or on